Wednesday, June 19, 2019

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Or some people have doubts that the position of the ticket inspector is to check the ticket, Best Gucci Belt Replica not to beat people. The high-speed rail company also prohibits employees from beating people. Therefore, beating people is a personal act, not a duty, and the company should not be held responsible. Indeed, hitting people is not a job behavior. Gucci Belt Replica Women there is no job position to beat people.

AAA Gucci Belt Replica because it happens in the execution of duties, not for personal interests, the company still has to bear the responsibility for compensation. Judicial interpretation also stipulates that those who are liable for compensation in the incidental civil action include: other units and individuals who shall be liable for compensation for the material loss of the victim. Therefore, employees beat people, the company has compensation for the law.

Gucci Belt AAAA Replica the biggest problem is that even if the judgment is compensated, the compensation is very small, but tens of thousands of yuan. Because of the compensation for incidental civil action, replica gucci belt according to the judicial interpretation of the Supreme Court, death compensation is not included, only funeral expenses, medical expenses and the like. In other words, the scope of compensation for incidental civil compensation is much smaller than the scope of general civil compensation.

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