Saturday, June 30, 2018

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The last time I was sexually active in the office was a distant university. My boyfriend was working in a famous office building in 63 floors in Guangzhou . If the date was nearby, I would go sit up. Offices at night are usually empty, with some computers in screensavers and flashing icons as dark eyes. Sometimes I lie on a large desk like a female body to be intimate with him, and it is only on the couch in the conference room. After the end, best fake hermes belt he walked happily barefoot on the carpet.

And now this man, I know nothing about him. His curiosity originated from his recruitment of travel companions. He said that if he meets a girl, he will talk and feel like a girlfriend and will travel with her. I want to know that I don't look like someone else's girlfriend, but I put forward my test standards, to see love and unsuitability. He was a little excited and scared. hermes belt replica aaa Where did you date? In several of the locations he provided, I suddenly became interested in the lounge he had in the office.

The funny thing is that the boy who looks like a cartoon and wears a suit has met my girlfriend for less than a minute. The performance was that we followed the long avenue to his legendary office. I also held my hands in a self-protective gesture. He stretched out the hand in my cross. This kind of holding hand was really rare on the road. I can't help but laugh. And he describes the life of a couple he yearns for: chatting, eating, and playing together on weekends. Well, I said, you just want to have someone to accompany you, and smile at him with a side face: I am much older than you. He didn't believe it, and he asked me to promise to be his girlfriend as if he had a piece of candy. I said: Hey, little kid, you're too direct and scary.

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