Wednesday, May 30, 2018

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People have a feeling of doomsday. It is said that when the earth is about to explode, many people desperately fall in love, marriage is in a hurry to get married, and the divorce is good. If you don't treat your parents with filial piety, those who hate do not care about it. I also shaved my head that year. A friend’s girlfriend was supposed to break up with him. He told her that he had cancer and he wouldn’t live long. The girl’s girlfriend was very apologetic and changed his temperament. He remained obedient, obedient, and everything. Housework, waited for him as uncle, after half a year, found that he was still alive and kicking, not like sick, only to know that he spent a big lie in order to retain her, immediately with shame.

I don't mean that the girl you love is acting. I mean, life is too long, and many people are afraid that they can't be vain. What attracts you is often those who are short-lived, desperate, and not responsible. Why do you have a child with a woman, you can agree to break up, there have been three or four previous stomach cancer girl, you are crazy. Between light and light, you choose light, between reality and fantasy, you choose to escape. Accidentally making a child is an important turning point in your life. If you do not have time to prepare, you will enter society as a single father. You are not strong, nor can you give a sense of security, so give up the husband job, hermes belt replica look for other make up.

When you meet this girl, you will feel a bit like a good man. Because of the pessimism of her illness, she is in a state of reluctance to return to love. “The doctor said that he had only 5 years to be fine.” In the future, for her, there is a “dead life”. When she declares her life, others are waiting for the result, and the transitional period between death and death is suitable for a desperate love. Just as you also need to redeem yourself, you want to reapply or give a love to pacify the unexpected shock of that year. So the adversity of the adversity created your spare tire relationship.

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