Friday, December 8, 2017

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Some say it's possible to Sue huaxi hospital. Sue is possible, but it is difficult to accept and won all the court, in eastern part of the action link in tianjin, for example, you are hard to find your won a foothold, single personality right to defense, the court will feel enough. This thing is actually a hospital doing wrong, but the problem in Mcm Bag belongs to the industry standard, common sense should be industry association or other superior departments next letter of what makes for enterprises internal control. It's hard to win a civil lawsuit on this matter. Although the mainland legal system is not like Hong Kong landmark won a case and use value, but the domestic court in litigation link will more or less care to large enterprises and institutions, because they are both of a state organ or system, this time the court can't completely independent, so the prosecution will not likely to get even the civil compensation, loss means is wrong - like tianjin eastern part event, the court dismissed the action on the grounds of insufficient.

Internal complaints, external complaints, replica mcm backpack legal action will work, this is the current MCM Belt patients encountered the dilemma of rejected when, also may be more vulnerable groups suffered from unfair or unjust treatment. So when the Internet is developed, people will choose to call on the Internet and try to use public opinion to give the parties, this is huaxi hospital, to create pressure. The first thing I want to make sure is that it makes sense to do so, it's better than swallowing it, but it's still not loud enough. What is the daily reprint and hits of the domestic network? The weak group is small, and most of it is not voiced by privacy considerations, so how big is that? Areas in Mcm Bag, it is said that good on the one hand, but have you ever thought, Mcm Bag local so big, each local news every day, and Hermes Belt media are issued only after audit reports, basic unified caliber, so there are so many news from an outlet to put outside, like water, washed away in an instant.

You try to think back to last year's big news, with a trance, the news is like a horse, the shelf life is shorter than yogurt. Under the impact of such a network, it is difficult to maintain the call of the western hospital. What's more, the domestic network environment is not as you like, regulators only screening for sensitive words, netizens only for hot topic and focus on things they are interested in, in the environment of Mcm Backpack popular science is not enough, few people have tube infection - say it's not discrimination, but dispensable, but there doesn't exist. So I want to thank the healthy people who can pay attention to MCM Belt infection, which shows that you are really kind and kind. But back then, the Internet called for this to be a process of diffusion, an accumulation, but not enough to solve the problem.

It must be a joint process to solve the problem of the disadvantaged group. So when I talk to my friends about the good job, I have said that he has been selling anti-viral drugs, and he also said that he had sent the plaque to Peking University for the good art. When vulnerable groups call for no door, they really need a behavior art to attract eyeballs, replica mcm belt and then media follow up. But it's important not to bother the police net. So I also said there was no need to go on the Internet to talk about power.

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