Thursday, November 30, 2017

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In the absence of higher education, parents and students facing a single choice, these universities have alleviated the pressure of admission to a certain extent; But in recent years, with the development of Hermes Belt economy and the increase of residents' personal property, especially the expand to overseas market, overseas university would be able to pay the high tuition of parents and students are choosing study abroad directly, this type of university in admissions and the school has met great difficulties. The second type is a variety of primary and secondary schools. Such basic education institutions have been developing rapidly in large and medium-sized cities, replica hermes belt and some have surpassed public schools in terms of quantity and quality. But one common feature is that schools tend to be linked to real estate.

With the support of local government, investors in the name of the land for education the consent of the large areas of land, by buying high quality students quickly advance the reputation in the short term, develop and promote the school around the house prices. Investors' returns come mainly from the housing estates around the school. The third category is the various education training companies on the market, which make a profit by providing a certain type of training. In particular, one-to-one tutoring training institutions for primary and secondary students have developed rapidly in recent years, and some have developed into a large listed company. The common feature of these three types of education institutions is that they are all business, except that the products and services they provide are related to education. Since it is a business, its business objective is to maximize profits. They're not really education institutions.

The fundamental difference between businesses and schools is whether they are profitable. The real education institution must be a nonprofit. The aim is to run education, not to make money. Its mission is to provide better education for students, not to take money from parents' pockets.

In the traditional era of planned economy, our knowledge of private education is biased. People always think that education is a career that shapes the human soul and the future of the motherland and the nation. How can the black-hearted capitalists who make money to make money run schools? In particular, private universities in the United States are expensive, and the capitalists are thinking about how to earn their tuition fees. How can they put talent in the first place? Is it not unusual for students to enter such a school? Therefore, education must be provided by the state and the government to reassure the people. Similar to this is medical treatment. People always think that, the people's life, how can make money for the purpose of the black heart capitalist to run the hospital? Let the patient enter such a hospital, is not a person to be slaughtered? Therefore, health care must be provided by the state and the government to reassure the people. The irony, however, is that public education and healthcare, provided by the state and the government, do not satisfy the needs of ordinary people. Why is that?

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