Monday, November 13, 2017

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But the key question is what is the practical effect of ideological and political theory course? Answering this question doesn't necessarily require a full sample of the questionnaire, as long as you go to the actual classroom to see the state of the class and the performance of the students.

In my opinion, there are at least a few drawbacks in the current teaching of ideological and political theory: the split between the education of ideological politics and the education of cultural knowledge. Education is a whole system. A list of ideological and political columns, ostensibly to strengthen the ideological and political education, fake goyard belt is likely to result in a reduction in the actual education effect. Because it is difficult for students to internalize ideological and political education into their own personal needs. In his (her) eyes, professional knowledge is what you need, at least when it comes to job hunting, while the idea politics education is external. As a result, ideological and political education entered the classroom and entered the textbook, but not necessarily the students' minds.

The knowledge that has been memorized to meet the test is quickly forgotten after the exam, and it is difficult to leave a trace in the students' future study and life. Second, the teaching mode is old, the method is single, goyard belt fake it is difficult to stimulate students to learn to think. Although the ministry of education has asked colleges and universities to try their best to explore the reform of teaching methods in ideological and political classes, it is difficult to carry out the optimization of teaching methods. Using some media even longed for class new tricks, with two other buzzwords, on the network to cope with cope with the higher check, published two articles can also, are they really able to stimulate students' interest? In fact, from primary school to university, students are exposed to the ideological and political education of the same, boring repetitive content, form and method, the stimulation of the lack of novelty, it won't produce burnout. The third is to use education to carry out the thought politics education.

We tell students a lot of ready-made conclusions. The teacher carefully wrote the textbook, but rarely asked the students to read the classical books, cheap goyard belts nor did they provide sufficient discussion and exchange opportunities for the students. How many students have read das kapital? How many students have read the constitution of the People's Republic of Louis Vuitton Belt? How many students have discussed the important issues in the development of social and political economy in class? No reading, no thinking, no discussion, no debate, where is education? Don't complain about the students, the teachers are less, the key is whether you want to do it.

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